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March 14, 2015
Mount St. Mary's University
Chalon Campus, Los Angeles

2011 Conference

RAND Volunteers Help Girls Pursue Interests in Math and Science

Volunteers from RAND’s Santa Monica office helped organize a conference on April 2 to help girls learn about careers in math and science.  About 240 girls in grades 5-8 from schools in the greater Los Angeles area participated in 20 different hands-on workshops led by women who work in math- and science-related fields.

Each girl attended three workshops based on her interests, including sessions on how chemists investigate a crime scene, how engineers build houses to withstand earthquakes, how doctors learn about anatomy through dissection, and how rocket scientists predict flight paths.

Dr. Sue Van Vorhis Key, “The Bug Lady,” gave the keynote address.  Dr. Sue introduced students to her traveling zoo of over 50 different insects and arthropods.  She urged the girls to not let others stand in the way of achieving your dreams.

RAND staff who participated in the event included Sharon Drummond, Carol Fan, Julie Lai, Lindsay Millard, Brett Munjas, Sarah Nowak, Alexandra Smith, and Marika Suttorp.  For more information or to volunteer, please contact Carol Fan (fan@rand.org or x6271) or Sarah Nowak (snowak@rand.org or x6738).

Dr. Sue, the Bug Lady, gives the keynote speech.


Dr. Barbara Gonzalez of CSU Fullerton watches as students solve a “CheMystery.”


Students dissect a Humboldt squid in the “Squids for Kids” workshop.


Dr. Lola Rahib of Fibron Technologies shows students how to isolate DNA.